You Talk It Types

Wracking your brain trying to find a software that while you talk, it types? Talk to write software is no longer an imaginary thing that belongs to the distant future. In fact, speech recognition tools are at being used by individuals and organizations to speed up work processes and facilitate any type of work that involves a computer.

Various smartphone apps as well as the leading talk to write software for PCs can save you time and relieve your hands of typing duty, with impressive accuracy rates.

If you spend many hours working or studying in front of a computer, then using a software where you talk and it types for you can increase not only the speed of your work but also its effectiveness. In addition, speech recognition algorithms allow you to operates your computer by voice – Save open documents, surf the web, send e-mails and even operate specific software commands (such as: Word and Excel documents).

Frequently asked questions about you talk, it types software

Are the speech recognition algorithms used accurate?

Do I need to speak very slowly and very clearly in order for the software to understand?

Can I teach the software new words, or can I only work with the existing vocabulary?

Can I teach the software new commands?

To answer these questions it is first imperative to understand that while there aren’t many kinds of talk to type software, those that do exist vary greatly from one another and each one produces different results.

The industry-standard for talk to type software is currently Dragon NaturallySpeaking which builds a user profile (and supports multiple software users) that allows the software to learn the way this user enunciates words and phrases, add commands for each software that the user wants to operate by voice and increase accuracy rate each time you use the software.

On the other end of the scale there is the extremely simple speech recognition software that Windows provide with any Windows 7 operating system. This software does not have the user profiles, it cannot learn new words and you have to speak very slowly and clearly in order for the software to type the majority of the text correctly.

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