Translate Voice to Text

Talking is much faster than writing. In fact, if you could convert every single writing task into a task comprised mainly of talking you would be performing each task up to 3 times faster.

How can you translate voice to text?

There are both human transcribers that offer this as a service as well as a variety of software products that can do this for you on the spot (or transcribe voice to text from a previously made recording).

Software that translate voice to text

There is one leading talk to write software as well as a couple of smartphone apps designed to translate voice to text. While the basic algorithm remains the same, different kinds of software emphasize different benefits. In fact, most apps will help you control your phone by voice: text as well as call others, navigate with your GPS, surf the web and open as well as close various other apps.
Surprisingly, if you need to translate voice to text in large quantities for your work, you don’t have a lot of options to choose from. The leading software is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 that studies your voice patterns to create your own user profile. This will allow you to speak in your regular voice, without carefully enunciating every single word you wish the software to type for you.

Who might benefit from voice to text translation?

The answer is simplistic yet true: Practically everyone. most people text using their smart phones and type on their laptop’s keyboard practically every waking hour.

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