Speech to Text Software Android

Speech to text technology is becoming increasingly popular with both Android and iPhone software. It is usually used in a very different way than the way talk-write software is used in PC.

Built In Speech to Text Software Android – Android’s basic app collection includes a built in speech to text software. This app allows you to use your voice with almost any other Android app. within the settings menu, you need to enable the speech recognition feature.

Once this is enabled, you can choose any app that requires typing, and when the on screen keyboard pops up, simply click the microphone to enable the speech to text software.   This is a pretty basic feature that requires you to speak slowly and clearly in order for the software to understand you correctly. It does not take away the need to tap screen completely, since it doesn’t read back to you what you typed, and any additional action like saving the message that the software wrote down for you or sending it (for example, if it is a text message) does require you to type.

Vlingo.com – This app aims to help you get things done (call people, send text messages, write emails, use various apps) without even touching your phone. Once you enable this app on your phone, you can speak to it  any time in order to activate it. The software reads back to you what you dictate to it, and and you can command it  to open apps, perform various actions within those apps and close the app once you’re done.

Shout-Out.mobi – Shout-Out is a free to use app that places a special emphasize on voice recognition for text messages and calling purposes.

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