Free Talk to Write Software

The search for free talk to write software is a very exhausting one: While the search for free speech to text software will bring a lot of interesting results, actual working programs are very few. The majority of results refer to free “text to speech” programs (for some reason, search engines are unable to make the distinction between the 2 very different concepts).

e-speaking is free for 30 days. It has over 100 pre-defined commands designed to help you control your computer with only your voice. Once you download your copy and run the installation, all you need to do is say “start dictation” and e-speaking will write down what  You’re saying. It also combines a text-to-speech feature so you can surf the web and go over important documents even while keeping your eyes closed.

Google Voice

Google voice allows you to transcribe incoming voice messages left for you. You can call yourself and leave a message, about 10 minutes long, and the software will transcribe everything you said as soon as you finish recording your message.  While Google Voice is a free application by Google, you are required to pay for the calls you make (the price is determined by your telecom provider), so this is an almost-free alternative.

Vlingo (for smartphones)

Vlingo has a free trial and its app can work on all major smartphones: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Mobile.

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