Talk to Write Software

Talk to write software solutions save you time and effort when you use your computer. You talk and the software writes down what you say. Talk write software enables you to complete any task that requires typing up to 3 times faster.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the leading talk-write software available today. Its abilities to both auto-learn from typing mistakes as well as allow the user to update the existing vocabulary, makes it an extremely helpful tool for anyone who spends a large portion of his day typing.

The latest version, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 comes with additional perks: Inbuilt commands for those who spend a lot of their time in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Those who wish that they could control their computer from anywhere in their house, while lying down, exercising or cooking can easily do so with any wireless microphone or even with their iPhone.
The only downside is the price. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has four editions: Home, premium, professional and legal. Most users will find everything they need in the home edition which allows the user to dictate documents, send e-mails and surf the web without even touching their keyboard.

The premium edition has one additional feature that allows you to record your voice, keep the recording and transcribe it as a later date. If you’re news reporter or one of those people who gets most creative when they are away from their computer, this feature is definitely helpful.

Windows Speech Recognition Software

Windows 7 comes up with inbuilt talk write software. It doesn’t require any setup on your part.

Go to the start menu >> all programs >> accessories >> ease of access>> Windows speech recognition. This is a very basic talk-write software. It doesn’t learn your specific voice and it can get many words wrong. Another disadvantage of it is that it only operates in computers where Windows’ installation language is one that the speech recognition software supports. That means that if you’re working, for example on a computer where Windows language is Italian you will not be able to use the speech recognition software at all.

Dictating to Google Voice

Another low-cost option is using Google voice to transcribe voicemail messages. You do this by leading yourself a voicemail and then logging into Google voice to see the transcription. This is particularly good for writing short memos.
Words that Google voice isn’t sure about will appear in gray and you’ll have to check if these are indeed the words that you said.

There are two disadvantages to this talk-write software: For one, you are unable to see the transcription until the end of the message. The longer the message is, the harder it will be for you to remember which word you actually said. The second problem is that your voicemail length is limited to 10 minutes. If you’re trying to dictate a long article, you will need to call yourself several times.

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